Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Blogs which are beyond reason

As with any endeavor, there will be a fair amount of disagreement. In my daily work, I face disagreements with clients, sales people and co-workers. Most of those disagreements are talked over at a sensible volume while both sides explain their points of view and the facts and logic supporting each. Which ever person has the most facts and the demeanor to hear the other out while presenting their logic usually goes on to have their point proven.

Then there are those who fail to see any point of view beyond their own. They can be classified as stubborn, bull-headed, asses, shit-heads and a variety of other assorted profanity-laced names which I will leave to your imagination although in person, I would make even George Carlin blush.

Phantom Driver's blog, while I actually agreed with one post (which the stubborn S.O.B. seems to have removed all of the comments on), is teeming with his groupies, all of whom need to be taken down a peg or three.

Exile from Hillary's Village
, whom I have sparred with frequently, continues to ramble on while his legions of brainwashed cronies unfailingly agree with his every word.

The Chatterbox Chronicles has some 'out there' posts including her list of favorite right-wing extremists including the windbags Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter.

Insane Gayle
has her Republican Blog which consistently refers to liberals as, get this, LIEbereals. My, she must have been hanging around a creative group of seven-year-olds to come up with that one...

Another insane gentleman who posts under the anonymous name ABFreedom (referring to Alberta, Canada I presume) refuses to believe scientific facts such as global warming and screams from a warming Canada that LIEberals (his made up word, not mine) will buy into anything.


James Manning said...

Amazingly, I am having issues with Phantom Driver now. I made an innocent comment on Chatterbox's blog (and I have to defend her, we've debated several issues and we've always had a respectful debate). But PD is something else.

The Exile said...

Hi Bri,

At least my "ramblings" have a bit more import than NBC's lineup, or your choice of cable channels which, I note, does away with any news channels. It's obvious that you're obsessed with TV (which would explain your liberalism), but if you're going to argue politics and current events, you really shouldn't cut out one source of information altogether.

Also, getting off the couch and into the real world occasionally might be a good thing for you.

"(L)egions of brainwashed cronies"? I get 50 hits a day. Not quite the "legions" your paranoid Lefty brain envisions. I prefer to think of us as a "Special Forces" squadron.

And it's Anti-Strib, not Anti- Star Tribune. If you're going to put them on your list of hate, you should at least get their name right. Besides, they're great guys, and Nick Coleman is a Nazi.

For a troll you're not very good at covering your tracks. Usually your species is very good at that. I'd watch out for that whole "survival of the fittest" thing that you Lefties are so up-in-arms about lately.


SlimAdam said...

it just shows that brian isn't obsessed about one aspect of life such as politics. sure he commented on television channels but it fit in with a discussion of the FCC (fuckers). i haven't had ONE post about politics since i started and i still keep informed. i watch fox news and others. i frequent educational channels such as PBS as well. i learn and expand and not on just one topic or viewpoint. perhaps all the people who do could benefit from not only learning about others interests and viewpoints but consider them as valid as well. instead we're left with folks who just put out their opinion, discuss it with people who agree with them and do not recognize others' freedom to their opinion and instead make fun of them, call them names and spread, well, HATE SPEECH about them and their views.

Brian said...

Exile, apparently you are unaware of the concept of 'sarcasm'. Not sure of its definition, look it up in your conserv-a-dictionary.

I was also unaware that NBC's lineup was an import. From where?

Which source should I eliminate when discussing current events? Items from the internet? No thanks if that's the source you are referring to, I don't particularly like paying to receive news.

Sorry for 'screwing up' the blog name of your buddies but it is listed as so for reference to those who aren't locals and are unaware of the 'Strib' being a contraction for 'Star-Tribune'.

As for being a troll, I don't live under a bridge.

(try detecting the sarcasm)

echotig said...