Tuesday, November 08, 2005

American wages not keeping up

Unless there are some real wage gains for working stiffs -- soon -- we're heading for a recession.

That's the word from the writer of a story at MSN.

The funny thing is, with increasing energy prices nearly every day since the events of September 11, 2001, I was never aware that we WEREN'T in a recession. I see people who have been out of work for months totalling in the double digits. Rarely do you hear of a business adding employees but it's a daily occurence that someone is losing their job due to restructuring, budgetary cutbacks or the ever-popular outsourcing.

Sure, jobs are being created. The local Wal-Mart just last week opened its store as a super center. Yee-haw! Over one-hundred more 30 hur per week jobs bringing in $7.85 per hour in a town where the average price for a home tips the scales at $209,900. Do the math, the people working there could NEVER afford a home much less the rent for a one-bedroom apartment which comes in at a lofty $600-$700 per month. Oh, kids. Forget feeding them anything more than Ramen and mac & cheese.

Sure, America is producing jobs and, as the monthly outlooks say, we are recovering from the slump which began in 2000. What they aren't telling you is the TYPE of jobs being created. Not too many people have bought a house and raised a family even remotely comfortably while working in a service job flipping burgers or stocking shelves.

While we are all aware that not everbody can land a cushy $40K per year office job or even a steady job in a safe factory with benefits (we have already lost multitudes of those jobs), we are quickly leaving behind half (or more) of our workforce by fooling ourselves into thinking that any job is better than none, we need to examine just how realistic it is that a family can survive, much less prosper, while supporting themselves with a service-type job lacking any benefits such as paid vacation, sick leave and health care coverage.

I better get in line, the new Lowe's home improvement center opens soon. Don't want to be left out of their stellar wages and benefits package...

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