Monday, October 17, 2005

Vikes names named

In the ongoing battle of keeping it in your pants, the Vikes' boat was indeed rocked as, first, this list of names of those on the boats over a week ago on Lake Minnetonka was published and then their collective asses were summarily whooped in Chicago as Beras fans had a heyday mocking the recent off-the-field developments in Minnesota.

Here's the list, though it is a few days late as I take weekends off much like the Vikes appeared to have done.

Lists of Names Starting to Leak Out - A list of names of the 17 or so Vikings who were aboard the team cruise that allegedly turned into an orgy is starting to become clearer. In addition to earlier reports that QB Daunte Culpepper, offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie, running back Mewelde Moore and cornerback Fred Smoot (allegedly the organizer of the event) had enlisted in the Viking Navy, the Minneapolis Star Tribune today added All-Pro defensive tackle Kevin Williams, tight end Jermaine Wiggins; running back Moe Williams; wide receivers Nate Burleson, Troy Williamson, Travis Taylor and Koren Robinson; cornerback Ralph Brown, and safety Darren Sharper to the list. (That accounts for 13 players by my count.) Of those named, only Moore has admitted being on the boat, but claims not to have seen any sexual activity. (Star Tribune)

13 out of 17 have now been named. No surprise with Moe Williams on the list. My wife, a Mankato State University alum, has heard stories from a close friend of her's detailing an encounter with Williams while the Vikes were in Mankato, MN during training camp a couple of years back. Quite the class act, indeed.

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