Thursday, October 13, 2005

A toasty seat in hell awaits a certain blogger

The world seems to be simply FULL of raging lunatics who are unable to let go of something which happened a handful of years ago.

The latest bucket-o-bile comes from the crazies over at a certain site which preaches happiness from being chipper and prosperous conservatives but drudges up more negativity than a sullen drunk recovering from a hangover with nothing but an empty, beerless refrigerator (that's a FRIDGE for all the wackos who may read this but cannot comprehend simple english). Their utter contempt for anyone who doesn't share thier viewpoint and has done anything remotely good in life is puzzling to say the least.

To defame anyone who already doesn't have it coming due to something they said or did is wrong. To ruthlessly verbally fist fuck someone who is dead, well that is best left up to the steaming piles of feces who I so kindly linked to above.

The feces-laden crackpots went as far as to link to the work of a real, living, breathing writer and call one simple short post on his website idiotry because he has an opposing viewpoint and sees the work that Wellstone did as good work deserving of a memorial due to his untimely death, not only of Wellstone but his family who was traveling along with him that fateful and cold fall morning.

The final straw is a stab in the back of a dead man...
Always remember, if Wellstone had kept his promise not to run, he's be alive today. That really pisses off liberals. They hate it when they are confronted with the truth about their "St. Paul".
...Wellstone. He ran for re-election because his party wanted him to and he saw, in his own eyes, that he had much more work to do. He was a likeable underdog whose only reason for a bunch of bitter, hateful conservatives to feel hatred for him was that he didn't fit the typical mold of a politician. He talked to people, was personable and actually worked for the people, not big corporations.

Put aside your hatred and realize why you are so angry.


Tracy said...

Glad to see you liked the post. We'll add you to the Rick Kahn Republican voter turnout drive.

St. Paul maybe be dead, but the damage his funeral/pep rally caused lives on!

Brian said...

Thanks for reading!