Thursday, October 13, 2005

President does even worse than before

It sure is apparent that the president has nothing to either lose or gain during his second term in office a his approval rating dipped to 39% and the number of Americans who think Bush is leading the country in the right direction dropped to a historically low 28% according to an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll.

These statistics could be attributed to a variety of reasons but I, personally, think that his low rating are due to the fact that he only showers on odd-numbered days.

Think about it, would you really trust someone who spent their days off cutting brunch on a Texas ranch which produces nothing but, you guessed it, BRUSH? My God, a man would HAVE to smell after spending four or five hours in the oppressive Texas sun pulling out fallen branches simply for the sake of pulling them out.

Then to go 36+ hours before bathing again, damn.

That leads to another question. Does he burn or chip the brush? Burning is a much faster, less labor intensive method and cheaper method to dispose of brush but chipping it would gain him some nods from those in the country who mulch.

My money's on him burning, though.

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