Thursday, October 20, 2005

Pentagon bungles things once again

In a recent effort to balance its content of political talk on Armed Forces Radio, a decision was made to launch one hour of The Ed Schultz Show to balance the content of conservatives such as Rush Limbaugh and Dr. Laura.

Of course, White House aide Allison Barber who is recently famous for coaching troops before a speech by president Bush made sure that this plan to launch Schultz' show this past Monday didn't happen. Using the copout that her superior in the Pentagon was unable to approve this move by virtue of being out of the country for a handful of days. When Schultz' producer asked whether the show would be added after her superior's return, Barber answered that she was unsure.

She happened to make this announcement only days after Schultz' show began with quotes of Barber coaching the troops. Interesting coincidence. Barber sounds to me like someone who cannot take the heat that comes with such a public position -- especially in a culture where every minute of someone in the public eye is preserved on audio and video.

When the announcement was made on September 29th, was it pending approval? If it was, that should have been part of the announcement. Without this one disclaimer, or stating that it was tentativel launching, the Pentagon shot themselves squarely in the foot once again. Should we be surprised? No. Shoud we be disappointed or outraged? Yes.

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