Monday, October 03, 2005

Paris and Paris, engagement off

If two spoiled multi-millionaires who have done nothing to deserve their fortunes other than been born can't make it through their engagement, what hope does that leave for anyone in the world today?

This news of Paris Hilton breaking off her engagement with a Greek shipping heir with the first name of, you guessed it, Paris, comes all too soon after the most famous of celebrity breakups -- Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.

As for Brad and Jen, we all knew it was trouble after 'Friends' ended its run on NBC. Jen probably sloughed around their sprawling Beverly Hills mansion all day in her ratty pajamas eating Haagen Daas straight from the one-pint carton with a large wooden stirring spoon.

What's next? Will Oprah Winfrey break things off with Steadman? Has he finally angered with her yo-yo dieting and 150 pound weight swings that one day make her as svelt as Lauryn Hill only to eventually leave her as jovial as Mama Cass the next?

The next crushing bit of celebrity news that we'll hear is that a former American Idol winner is painfully illiterate...

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Timmy the G said...

Ironically, neither of them will always have Paris.