Thursday, October 06, 2005

Overlords of the future

I am certain of at least one thing, the push by Bush to nominate Harriet Miers for the most recent supreme court opening assures him that he will not receive an automatic third term as president.

Oh, right, that could never happen without something in the constitution or bill of rights changing.

Or maybe, and this is only a MAYBE, Bush has seen this opportunity to appoint a chummy of his to the supreme court, along with the recent appointment of John Roberts, to change the onstitution drastically. Allowing him to install himself as King of America. A lifetime position which, upon his death, would be succeeded by, you guessed it, the crygenically frozen but still living head of Dick Cheney.

If Dick Cheney's cryogenically frozen, still living, severed head is unable to fulfill its duties as King of America due to his head sufferring a series of heart attacks and knee aneurisms of which the subsuquent surgeries and recovery would be paid for by the loyal and forcibly obedient serfs, the successor to Geroge W. Bush as King of America wold be none other than Condi Rice.

While this scenario lies in the future, Condi, too would be ruling the country with obedient servants carrying around her still living but severed head in a glass, no, PLEXIglass chamber complete with the very shoes she purchased waaaay back in 2005 in New York City while the residents of New Orleans waded chest deep in a mixture of sewage, chemicals and chicken gumbo soup after the landfall of Hurricane Katrina.

While this scenario takes place many years from now, the quasi-political figures of the news events of 2005 are still the main players.

A revolt against the heads of government is impossible due to the fact that in the first act George W. Bush passed into fact is that the loyal serfs of America are void of all free will and independent thought, thus making a revolt an impossibility -- assuring that either he or the heads of his friends will rule for eternity.

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