Monday, October 10, 2005

No response from Bennett's PR or what keeps you coming back?

Surprise, surprise. After I penned last week's letter to some faceless person at The Bill Bennett show, I have yet to receive a response.

Now, before you clime all up in my shit about me being arrogant, let me say that I am not.

Maybe saying that I am not arrogant actually, in some alternate universe, makes me arrogant. So what if it does?

Having worked in the media for nearly eight years, I am aware at the sheer volume of e-mails which are received even at a strictly local level. Multiple it by hundreds when it's a national matter.

I prefaced my posting of the e-mailed letter by saying that I would be shocked by any response. Having said that, I am not shocked that I haven't received a response, much less any acknowledgement that I did in fact send a message in which I asked for a response.

That fact alone tells me that there is a massive amount of e-mail and other communications being received in the aftermath of Bennett's assinine comments.

I feel satisfied having simply voiced my concerns. After all, that's what this slice of cyberspace is... a soundingboard of my take on events and a random chronicling of events and images in my life.

Having no idea what actually causes people to stop in here is a mystery. If you see something here and you keep coming back for more of the same, drop me a comment and I will take all comments, no matter how bizarre, to heart and consider any feedback.


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