Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Money talks, memos are shredded

A while back I was approached, via a comment here, by a representative for the Minnesota DFL party to basically become a spineless talking head for the DFL during the 2006 election. The commenter wanted me to report the goings on of the various local politicians vying for election.

As I do with things like this, I let it slide.

First off, it takes entirely too much commitment to, day in an day out, speak of all the good points each local hopeful for the House and Senate is making while spinning the negative and, at the same time, beating down all opposition.

Let me get things straight. I will never 'join forces' with an outside solicitor. I am too much of a corporate tool as it si when it comes to my professional life to do the same on this freebie blog. I suppose though that by signing on with Blogger, owned by Google, this too is a bit of a corporate entity.

My next topic is that some bloggers out there have been approached with the official talking points of their respective party affiliations but not-so-politely refused them much in the same way I would after being persistently deluged with them on a daily basis.

I, though, would have also taken the liberty of having a bit of fun with the talking points in the process. Possibly craftily rewriting them so they were totally senseless. Poking fun at childish subjects such as poo-poo and pee-pee and making the entire daily memo evolve into one long and drawn out frat or penis joke.

The next step would be to widely circulate these self-crafted 'talking points' by linking them widely across the internet, quoting snippets left and right to get the ball rolling. It could really be fun.

Lastly, why in the holy hell does anyone feel the need to hand out this sort of crap? Are Americans so damned brain dead that they are unable to craft a thought for themselves and have to be told what to think? I can hope that this isn't true but it makes sense after hearing some of the senseless babble on talk radio and a certain cable news channel which I actually stomached watching once for over five, yes FIVE, minutes.

What pisses me off is that political contributions actually are used to produce 'talking points' so that the two political parties can spread their viewpoints. I, for one, am able to process my own thoughts and think for myself. I don't need anyone's help. I am a grown adult and don't need your fucking help being told what to write and how to write it. It is utter bullshit that this kind of crap even exists much less needs to be spread to people's e-mail inboxes for the sake of electing some other asswipe which has no influence in our little corrups government system. What really speaks is money. Send me money then we might be able to strike up a conversation. Until then I will never be asked to back one candidate or another. For fuck's sake, I really don't care what other say, think or write. I can agree or disagree at will.

I can only hope, though, that the accusations dropped by these slugs aren't true about the Star-Tribune using these memos to craft their daily editorials but in the land of media I wouldn't put anything past anyone. Having been on the inside, there is a certain amount of influence -- mainly from advertising dollars (not from some faxed memos which are always rapidly discarded) -- that goes into the reporting of the news and the views expressed in editorials. Rarely will anything negative about a large corporate advertiser be printed for fear of losing their advertising dollars, punishment for this action will be swift and dismissal may soon follow.

I have seen the wheels spin to save face for big business. It happens in newspapers all too frequently.

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tom said...

The creation and distribution of talking points has been the GOP's m.o. since before the conception of FOX News. The Anti-Strib thing seems like the pot calling the kettle black to me. Hell, this administration has PAID columnists and media personalities to address certain issues, with tax payer money none-the-less. Armstrong Williams is one of the few we know of, there are many more who we don't know of.

There is bad, and there is worse.