Thursday, October 06, 2005

A letter to Bill Bennett

What follows is a personal letter I penned to Bill Bennett. If you recall anything in the news as of late, you will remember Bennett's name as a man who made unabashedly racist comments regarding aborting black babies for the sake of lessening crime.

I will truly be shocked to receive anything beyond an automated e-mail response to this.


Mr Bennett,

You comments on a recent show, which catapulted your name into the national media, on the subject of aborting african american babies for the sake of controlling or lessening crime are just the kind of comments which perpetuate a negative stereotype of all conservatives in America.

I assume, after reading the transcript of the show in question in all of its context, that you are in support of this action even though, at first, you played it up as a hypothetical but at the end phrased it as a sort of twisted but real fact.

Your comments are shameful and the fact that you are still on the air is a disgrace. If your employer, Salem Communications, had any shred of ethics they would have pulled your show from the air immediately.

The least you could do is to offer up a sincere apology for the harm these comments caused. And by apology, I mean a true, not backhanded apology which comes off as heartfelt even though we know that in your cold and dark soul you are completely incapable of.

I thank you in advance for your time and hope that yourself, not one of your producers, interns or assistants actually reads this, takes it to heart and you feel compelled to take action for your appalling comments.

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