Friday, October 21, 2005

Just the hypothetical girl for me

A rather surprising quiz that's been spotted around the bloggy world. Interesting result too.

Apparently this is how I scored on this time-wasting little quiz. Drumroll please... the ideal hypothetical woam for me is...

The Hippie Chick

35% Sexy-Cute, 36% Dark-Light, 24% Artsy-Stylish

Sexy, neither Dark nor Light, and Artsy, it's the Hippie Chick. She
may cover herself in hemp jewelry and hideous tie-dye, but it's not
hiding that smokin' body. And hey, the only thing that matches better
with drugs than sex is more drugs! Come on baby... It's all about free
love, right?

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See All The Categories

SexyDarkArtsyThe Goth Girl
SexyDarkNot Artsy or StylishThe Brooding Poet
SexyDarkStylishThe Mistress
SexyNot Dark or LightArtsyThe Hippie Chick
SexyNot Dark or LightNot Artsy or StylishThe Hot Friend
SexyNot Dark or LightStylishThe Sorority Girl
SexyLightArtsyThe Actress
SexyLightNot Artsy or StylishYour Friend's Sister
SexyLightStylishThe Prom Queen
CuteDarkArtsyThe Suicide Girl
CuteDarkNot Artsy or StylishThe Bad Girl
CuteDarkStylishThe Bettie Page Girl
CuteNot Dark or LightArtsyThe Art Student
CuteNot Dark or LightNot Artsy or StylishThe Girl Next Door
CuteNot Dark or LightStylishThe Debutante
CuteLightArtsyThe New Age chick
CuteLightNot Artsy or StylishThe Favorite Friend
CuteLightStylishThe Cheerleader

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 11% on Sexy-Cute
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You scored higher than 11% on Dark-Light
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You scored higher than 4% on Artsy-Stylish

Link: The Your Type of Girl Test written by dgc20e on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

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