Monday, October 10, 2005

Iraqi occupation update

The latest, and likely final update from my good buddy, Army Guy who is stationed in Iraq. Sounds like he'll be leaving Friday after over nine months in Iraq.

Hey everyone. Went out on my last mission on Saturday and all went well. An IED went off on a convoy about 15 minutes ahead of us but no one got injured. We got held up for awhile on the road because of it, but we ended up scouting some back roads and took our convoy through there. Other than that nothing else happened on the remaing trip down and back. It is a pretty good feeling to be done and off the road. Got some last minute things to do before I head out, but other than that we are basically just hanging out waiting for Thursday night to roll around. Thursday night we head out to the airstrip, and hopefully we fly out of here early Friday morning. Probably won't have a chance to email again till I get back to the states.

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