Friday, October 07, 2005

Insight into my odd experiences

A few weeks back I chronicled some of the things I haven't done, now the time has come to classify ten of the things I HAVE done which may seem a bit, I don't know, out of the ordinary.

What follows each item in parentheses is my personal and scientific reasoning for each event.

Eaten a meal consisting of only bacon
(Written off as a dietary experiment)

Changed my shirt while driving down a freeway
(A test of my driving skills while experimenting with sensory deprivation)

Purchased a two liter of Coke and drank it while driving (from Mankato, MN to Austin, MN)
(A socio-economic decision)

Constructed a beer bong while sitting on the floor of a hardware store
(Physics and study of gravity-flow devices)

Used a woman's bathroom while a female friend was lookout
(A social engineering experiment with a focus on gender relations)

Hurled a ball of shortening at a car wash
(Physics experiment, velocity of differing materials and their adhesion qualities)

Played disc golf while trudging through barely thawed, slushy water
(Mental conditioning for extreme meteorological conditions)

Tackled an inflatable snowman
(Social engineering/physics... do snowmen feel pain?)

Placed a garbage can at an intersection to watch people's reactions
(Social/mental experimentation)

Driven for three days with my car's low fuel light on
(Fuel consumption levels study)

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