Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I found the junkyard

It appears I am not the only techno-geek in my circle of friends to feel the need spew forth every miniscule detail of their life and their opinions.

This one, in particular, is pretty damn funny. Out of all my friends, I have known him the shortest amount of time but once I relocated to the Twin Cities, he was the friend who lived closest to me and even though I have moved again, he is still the closest in mileage to me.

His geek love for every Kevin Smith movie ever made, Superman, anything to do with Star Wars, Star Trek (the defining thing that makes a borderline nerd cross over into full-on Nerdville --population you-- and get a permanent address there) and his rampant drinking, which on one occassion, caused him to overturn a pizza in his car and proceed to eat it.

Read his rambling and nonsensical posts but keep on reading mine too. It's sluggish now but after the upcoming weekend which I will spend doing homeownerish stuff in my attic, oh the fun begins...

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