Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Former Rage Against the Machine follows career dreams

Anger is a gift.
- Zach DeLaRocha, rage against the machine

For those unfamiliar with the name, he was the lead singer of nineties angst-rockers, Rage Against the Machine. For those further blind to the music of the nineties, Rage Against the Machine was a rock band whose songs protested the social injustices of that decade and into the early 21st century with their last disc, 'The Battle of Los Angeles' containing the ultra-political songs along the vein of 'Testify' which railed against the policies of war, the lack of different choices in the 2000 presidential election and, upon listening closely to the lyrics, gas prices.

Their music wasn't rap-metal and it wasn't grunge. It was in its own genre and it defined the anger of the lost generation which is now in their mid- to late-twenties.

But the major question here is what ever happened to DeLaRocha?

Most would assume that he followed his former bandmates (who joined with Chris Cornell to form another bland, dime-a-dozen rock band by the name of Audioslave) and joined up with a new cast and continued making music. Maybe he did. But let's assume for a minute that he took a drastic turn and followed another one of his dreams.

It is entirely possible that DeLaRocha took a job in the highly profitable arena of road construction. That is right. He can be seen Monday thru Friday at that enormous road reconstruction project handling various pieces of heavy construction equipment ranging from the miniscule sweeper removing rock and sand from paved areas to the mighty steam roller compacting freshly run asphalt so that your ride to the office is smooth and free of annoying bumps which might cause you to spill your triple mocha caramel latte on your lap, leading to a huge lawsuit which costs Caribou Coffee millions of stockholder dollars.

That's right, Zach DeLaRocha might very well be saving our fair nation from millions of dollars in coffee-spillage-related lawsuits. Will we ever know if that guy wearing a battered rock and roll t-shirt under that blaze orange vest sitting high atop that Caterpillar steam roller is truly DeLaRocha or not?

Ask and ye shall find.

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