Thursday, October 13, 2005

Can you guess our mystery blimp?

It had me wondering. I had heard about it alot but, like a UFO, having never seen it I just didn't care.

Oh, sure. I mentioned the appearance of that mystery blimp circling the skies from Minnetonka to Stillwater in the past week. I still hadn't seen it and it had been as close as Burnsville and Minnetonka where many of my days are spent.

MNSpeak has the most succinct wrapup to a non-news news story I have ever seen. CJ spent much or her redesigned column in the Strib on it too and WCCO, the venerable Channel 4, was totally duped.

They made the ultimate mistake of pimping the competition's product. You see, the blimp which bore the slogan 'Enough is Enough' was/is a clever promotional tool for those evil geniuses (and I use genius very loosely) at FOX 9. Ooooh. Nice work. Nobody has EVER used guerilla marketing before. You could have wrapped some busses with the same slogan for a hell of a lot less money and bought a few hundred billboards while you were at it.

Hell, I could have handily typeset the slogan and charged you an insane rate for it.

Genius marketing scheme, pure genius. Maybe you should go back and re-hire Tim Sherno and demote that stuffed oaf who took his palce on your flimsy and stiff morning news. Tell Keith Marler to get his suits tailored, he looks like David Byrne when he wore 'the big suit'.

Oh, almost forgot. Their traffic floozy (Juli Jay?) needs to answer the phone. Word has it that it's the eighties calling and they want her hair back. And with her face, she should really go back to her radio gig, oops, Mix 104 isn't around anymore -- my bad.

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