Friday, October 21, 2005

The cable quandry

As I wrote last night, I explained the storied experiences of my midweek day off.

The whole day off stemmed from a visit from the cable company to fix my muddled up digital cable box.

An after thought stemmed from exploring the cable situation and the near absence of HDTV channels to fill my HDTV set.

The cable technician (from Medicaom Cable) mentioned that they have contracts in the working for between thirty and fifty HDTV channels. This nearly made me wet myself.

I have seen only two channels so far but am highly impressed by the quality. I am also impatient.

Satellite, DirecTV in particular, seems to be the most likely route to take. They have a handful of channels to choose from and promise a multitude of choices in the very near future with the launch of a new satellite 'just around the corner'.

I would normally jump ship from my cable service but I also have the internet connection to ponder.

"Why not go with DSL?"

Great question. I don't have a home phone through which to subscribe to it. The addition of DSL would also add another bill on top of the two cell phones I already pay for. Why reinvent the wheel if everything is working fine?

That leaves me in a quandry. I need the internet much like I need my functioning liver. To go without would definitely be a hardship. My option is cable internet. It's my only option. Plus I don't exactly trust phone companies after a certain experience with Qwest back in 2000.

So here I sit. If anyone has any ideas or options I haven't thought of thus far. let me know. I desperately need to save some money.

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