Thursday, October 06, 2005

Arrested Development, best show on FOX

A couple days back the City Pages, in their morning communique section, gave their Minnesota blog of the day honors to World of B.

Rightfully so.

Anyone whose adoration for the creative genius that appears weekly on Arrested Development matches my level of adoration deservves the mention.

This week's episode where it was revealed that Tobias Fuke's profession (one of many which he has failed at) is that of an analrapist. That is an unfortunate combination of an Analyst and a Therapist.

The ongoing theme the past two weeks has been characters in Britain aiming to supress the truth behind Oscar Bluth's involvement in housing developments and the money received from them in Iraq. Even going as far as showing him in a meeting shaking hands with Saddam Hussein. Of course all of son Michael Bluth's snooping occurs in a section of Orange County known as 'Wee Britain' where, upon entering each time, someone will yell about Michael being a bloody Yank and the musical score singing 'For British Eyes Only'. All fo which, when combined with the akwardness of nearly every situation, makes for some damn good laughs.

And, of course, there is the character played by Scott Baio. The new lawyer for the Bluth family has the best name ever.

Bob Loblaw.

Say it a few times at normal speed. You'll get it. Then you'll laugh. Laugh!

Michael:." tend to go through a period of arrested development."
The Narrator:"Hey, that's the name of our show!"

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