Thursday, September 29, 2005

Was it class or being an ass?

Because this blind and 'all-knowing' fool threw a fit when handed some literature at an anti-war rally, he still goes on and says that republicans have class and that's the reason they win elections.

I behaved myself. I told my son "no flipping birds. No yelling obscenities. We're Republicans. We win by having more class than these morons"

And I suppose that calling someone whose opinion you don't agree with, in front of an impressionable child, a moron is a fine example of class. To a hypocrite, yes. To someone with class, no.

Class is a matter of how you carry yourself. It means handling your actions in a way so as not to draw attention to yourself. It is a combination of actions, attitude and presence.

Crazily tearing up some leaflets at a location which you essentially came to looking for a fight because they are for something you vehemently oppose is far from class. It makes you look more like an ass.

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