Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Quite the team, Tice and Brown

In keeping with the theme of everything I write being both a day late and a dollar (or five) short, I spent the weekend away from my TV.

Thankfully, by doing so, I missed the atrocious performace in the first of many Minnesota Vikings losses in the 2005 season.

After hearing the discussions yesterday on radio and TV, I came to the realization that coach Mike Tice is nearly as capable at coaching a football team as former FEMA Director Mike 'Brownie' Brown is at coordinating disaster relief efforts.

Who knows, maybe Tice and Brown can do some creative networking and send out resumes together. God knows that neither one was truly qualified to have their respective jobs. Tice should think along the lines of being an automotive lubrication specialist and Brown can maybe set up a lemonade stand.

Nah, Brown would probably get the sugar for the lemonade after he went ahead and sold it with flour in the mix. Tice would probably fill the crank case with washer fluid and blame it on someone being injured.

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