Monday, September 19, 2005

Politicians vow to waste more of our tax money

In the president's next form of distraction, he proposed over $200 billion in aid to reconstruct the areas destroyed by the recent Hurricane katrina.

This comes in the wake of big government, particularly the party of majority, to simply throw money at a problem which has soiled their public image in the hopes that it will go away.

The only problem is that the money simply isn't there. In a year where the budget deficit is over $400 billion and aid to reconstruct the Gulf Coast tallies the total spent on the occupation of Iraq thus far, it is ludicrous to think that money will make a problem (they see it only as popr public opinion) simply vanish and be pushed to the back burner and painting a rosey picture for the media.

How about they cut the damn pork in th budget rather than just borrowing more money from Saudi Arabia and China? A million dollar stoplight here. A thousand dollar toilet there. Quit allowing pet projects to be included in every fucking bill that our corrupt and bloated government passes. Yes, the Gulf Coast must be rebuilt. Yes, it should stay at the forefront of the media. It deserves every bit of criticism it has received from before the storm hit. Each and every political decision and indecision along the way was fucked up beyond belief. The stumbling and bumbling of our career politicians (some of whom should start looking for a REAL career) is unacceptable in an age where businesses come and go based on the decisions of their leaders.

As elected officials, you have to answer to those you represent. We see the waste everyday. We see the mistakes and the idiots walking among us keep re-electing the same stuffed suits over and over again. Let's start cutting the fat. Speak out against the waste and the mounting debt coming from this waste. As a nation, we arre quickly becoming bankrupt and the endless spending without a business plan to pay it back isn't going to help.

And you can already guess that many contracts will benefit big oil and Halliburton. Follow the trail of money. Even these guys are on top of the inevitable waste.

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