Thursday, September 29, 2005

The latest from my friend in Iraq

My good buddy, Army Guy, sends another in his more frequent updates from Iraq. All appears to be on track for October return but the latest news presents what could ultimately be a snag in his return trip home.

I'm sitting down at Logistical Suport Area Anoconda today, waiting to go back up to Speicher. Once again we are hauling concrete, and once again, there was not a crane available to unload us. We got here at about 8:00 AM, and they are telling us they will not be able to unload us untill 8:00 PM. Just another screwed up day I guess. Our batallion threw a curve ball at us yesterday. They need 34 people from our company to go down to Kuwait until December. We will find out for sure by this weekend who is all on the list. From what I have heard for the selection process I don't have anything to worry about, so I should still be coming home on the 15th of October. But there is always a possibility that things may change. Other than that everything is going good over here. Moral is starting to change a little bit. Everyone is just kinda getting sick of things always changing around here, and rules being enforced on us. Well, I will let everyone go. I will email everyone when I find out more information on our changes.

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