Thursday, September 08, 2005

Iraqi update: Taco Bell arrives

In the latest from my buddy, Army Guy, during his time in Iraq which appears to be coming to a close in mere weeks -- possibly before Halloween.

Hey everyone. We just got another update in regards to us coming back home. Our first group leaves out of here on "Oct 15th". Remember all of these dates are subject to change. Our second group is slated to leave out of here on "November 5th." I have a feeling I will probably be on the second group, but as long as I get home it is fine with me. Vince Vaughn from the movie Wedding Crashers and Old school is here in country, but of course, he is not coming here. Tomorrow we have a "Batallion Fun Day." We have to be up at about 5 AM to be outside at 5:30. Then we have a run at 6. We are all joking that the insurgents are going to mortar us and wipe out half the batallion because someone wanted to have all the troops assembled. Then after that we have events such as tug of war, truck pull, and other "Fun" events. I am not really thrilled about it because I have to have all of my stuff packed ready to go to get shipped. Right now we are on a 12 hour notification for a mission down to Kuwait. I voluntered for it, just
because it gets me out of here for 10 days. Other than that, not a whole lot to report on. Things here on base are getting busier and busier with the all of the new troops coming in. I guess the biggest thing to report on since my last email is that we now have a Taco Bell that just opened up yesterday. I got some taco's toaday, and it was the best food I have had here. Well, once again, I made a email long, so I will let everyone get going.

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