Sunday, September 25, 2005

Iraqi occupation update

Great news from Iraq as Army Guy sends another update. Glad to know he'll be home within a month.

It is offical. I am out of here on the 15th of October. The list came out a couple days ago, and they said it will not change at all. We were told we spend only 36-48 hours in Kuwait, and then it will be 3-5 days at Fort Dix. So I am pretty pumped. We are still pulling missions so we still have to keep focused. I am in the process of packing up the last of my things. By tomorrow or the next day I will be living out of 2 duffel bags and a carry on bag until I get home. Our trip back up from Kuwait went alright. A couple incidents, but everyone made it back. I was supposed to go back down to Kuwait about 12 hours after we got back, but I was exhausted, and really didn't want to roll through the area around Baghdad again. There were a bunch of people that wanted to go, so our leadship let them go in our place.

Well, I will let everyone get going.

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