Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Holy random thoughts Batman

I keep a handy little notebook on my desk at work. Occassionally it travels home with me as I scour thoughts pertaining to my job and ponder how they could be implemented.

Today some of the random thoughts get looked over and spilled here for all four of you nosy bastards to read.

Today's topic is "I have never:"

- Paid anywhere near $100 for jeans

- Been inside an 'Abercrombie & Fitch' store

- Been arrested (back seat a couple times but no charges)

- Had the police arrive at my residence

- Bought anything at 'The GAP'

- Had any form of surgery beyond oral tooth extraction

- Been (on ground) west of Utah in the lower 48 states

- Been admitted to a hospital

- Made a home adult movie starring myself

- Been to an NFL game

And that's the first ten things I could think of that I haven't done. I guess this could be considered the "I have never" meme. And if you don't know what a meme is, google it.

Feel free, though, to prod further - I will answer anything.


Toni Trammal said...

I curious about your being in the backseat of a police car. Was it for traffic violations or something a bit harder?

Brian said...

The backseat was twice, first when I was 16 for supposedly pulling out in front of a sheriff's deputy and nearly getting hit - he was EXTREMELY upset because he was pacing a speeder who was going 80 in a 55. The leads me to believe that this cop was also going 80, without his lights on and was hundreds of feet away when I pulled out.

The second instance was with a buddy after a night of drinking, he pulled out of a bank ATM and crossed the center line in the process. Friend blew .19 and I was asked if I was sober enough to drive home by the cop. He instead got a call and said it was our lucky night and took us to my buddy's house.