Monday, September 12, 2005

The best news I read all day

Oblivious and incompetent FEMA director resigns

After last week's news that FEMA fuck-up, Mike Brown was being relieved of his duties surrounding the Hurricane Katrina cleanup and rescue operations, I figured this was coming. Now, after the ax has fallen on this fraud, even the most extreme right has stepped up to denounce this fine example of incompetency -- even this miserable hack has jumped on the bandwagon of making anyone but Bush look bad to save face of the ultra-conservatives. I'll do a bit more research to see who else had abandoned ship and fessed up that 'Brownie' (who the president said was doing a fantastic job -- see, right... down... there...) is a lying hack. Oh, lookie, the three-headed right-wing spin machine at Powerline has. Nice to see them standing firm, backing one of their own.

When it was his turn to talk, Bush congratulated the governors, then turned to FEMA Director Mike Brown and said, "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job."

But Bush's congrats happened on Spetember 2nd -- with today being a full week later, something seems to have changed. Maybe 'Brownie' couldn't take the heat being produced in the kitchen and was, expectedly, overbaked.

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