Thursday, May 05, 2005

Paula Abdul seduces 'Idol' contestant

As I attempt to provide an actual follow-up to a post from last week, I also attempt to make this stuff interesting. That's why, for the sake of America's sufferingly short attention span, I'll do so about American Idol.

Last week I speculated about just what the 'shocking' expose on ABC would be about. I said sex with a contestant but it is actually Paula, and that Corey Clark cahracter from the 'Ruben & Clay' season has evidence, who is busy banging 22 year olds.

I succumbed to the hype last night and numbed my mind by watching a 'shocking expose' about a glorified and FOX-ified version of 'Star Search'.

How can this guy NOT be believed? He even has recent voicemail messages from Abdul. One of which she seemed rather worried about Clark talking to the tabloids.

Is any of this really shocking? No. Washed up has been nearly 40 year-old pop star meets and helps 22 year-old wannabe. 2+2=Sex at Paula's house in the hills. Pretty clear cut for me.

The real question is whether or not this will have an effect on 'Idol' as a show.

No. This is America. Home of blissful ignorance and uncontrolable love and worship of celebrities. They can do no wrong!!!

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