Sunday, May 01, 2005

The hatred of the hated Ann Coulter

I don't usually post on the weekends but I was killing some time as the temperature dropped yet again outside, forcing me to yet again postpone much in the way of work in my garden. Instead I'll post a few opposing takes on conservative extremist and talking head Ann Coulter's recent visit to a couple private Twin Cities colleges.

Locally, the Shakopee Valley News published an editorial on the matter - including some quotes from the visits. It seems to be reasonable balanced but the comments at the end complain of 'third-hand reporting'. Let me remind this commenter that the Shakopee newspaper in no way attempts to cover news of the entire twin cities, instead focusing on the individual community and that, secondly, it was an editorial. Rarely do editoral pieces contain 'reporting', they are, if you spend time to define editorial, the opinion of the paper or the editor.

Once again, those at anti-strib are on the attack of columnist Nick Coleman's take on the events of Coulter's visit. Again, like the individual who commented on The Shakopee Valley News' editorial, I'll remind sequel (who wrote the post at anti-strib) that a columnist uses his or her column to voice their opinion, their take on the news or inject humor (like Lileks does in the Strib) into their corner of the newspaper. In no way (as is witnessed by Lileks' columns) do many columnists attempt to do any sort of reporting. (His sidebar is even careful to state writes rather than reports).

And finally is Coleman's column. Filled with his regular and obvious political leanings, he tackles her visits for what he heard them to be - hate-filled. It is his opinion. One the echoes the opinions of numerous students who were in attendance at the two separate events. The exchanges were civil. The students in attendance did not hurl obscenities or pies.

What, then, is the big deal? Disagreements have been around, based on political views, for centuries. Why in the age of the internet is this being taken to such extremes by some jack-booted thugs with a chip on their collective shoulders? Don't people have more important issues to be concerned with other than some words expressed in print by a columnist who is fervent about his political views?

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