Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Eat McCrap, but don't expect to sue us...

The piece of legislation is nicknamed the 'cheeseburger bill'. It is geared towards those particular individuals who have recently been suing fast-food franchises for making them fat.

I guess in this day and age it needs to be in place. If these people who habitually eat at McDonald's or Burger King cannot figure out that a piece of meat cooked in a vat of melted vegetable shortening isn't exactly healthy for them, then they simply deserve to get fat. Yes, I am aware that this is an epidemic of sorts but as a society we have brought this upon ourselves.

I used to be one of those people who ate fast food three times a week. I also was a very active individual who spent time in various sports after work. That is the key.

A person can eat a certain amount of crap if they balance it with a more than equal amount of healthy, non-fast-food and are still active.

I feel that if people want to shovel all sorts of McCrap down their throats, go right the hell ahead. Just don't come bitching to me, your doctor or the CEO of McDonald's when you weigh in at 360 pounds and have a severe cae of heart disease, cholesterol of 500 points and are lacking a neck. Get off your lazy ass, use that thing in your dwelling called a kitchen and cook a meal at home. At least that way when you fry the tomatoes for your fried hamburger, you have only yourself to blame for both your own stupidity and your piss-poor health.

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