Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Denying birth control, some being reprimanded for actions

Some pharmacists are now making news for their decisions to deny woman their doctor prescribed birth control. They are using the 'it's against my beliefs' cop out.

Interesting. Last time I checked, if you are en employee, whether it be at a restaurant of a pharmacy, you are instructed to do what your supervisor, boss, or employer tells you to. In this case you are hired to dispense prescription medicine to those with a prescription for it. You offer up advice on over-the-counter medicines and are expected not to use your job as a soapbox for your religious beliefs.

The pharmacists in these instances should also remember that a portion of these 'unethical' woman are using the birth control pill to lessen the severity of their menstrual cycle. It, too, is a fact that we have to deal with as a society that these women are taking responsibility for their actions if they are of the percentage who are engaging in premarital intercourse. They are taking the initiative not to burden the system by becoming the stereotypical single mother on welfare.

In being responsible these same women are facing lectures and denial of prescriptions at pharmacies. Yes, it is against the moral beliefs of some but I don't sit in my office and say yes and no to which accounts I will work on based on the type of service they provide. No. I do my best with each account. No preferential or discriminatory treatment. Political campaigns, too, are no exception for me. Most in my office are aware of my political leanings but I have never said "I can't work on this due to political beliefs". The same goes for religion. I am Catholic but run across accounts ranging from Lutheran to Baptist to a local Temple of Eck. I come to work and shut off my beliefs for my work. I do my job. No questions asked. No lectures. No 'please see someone else.'

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