Monday, April 04, 2005

Where NOT to see a movie

After two years of living in the Twin Cities, I have apparently become jaded and oblivious to some facets of life.

One of those items which I have become oblivious to is that there are still movie theaters in populated areas which are not up to par. I consider stadium seating (with its steep rake in the seating area) to be the norm.

It blew me away, after paying 14 dollars, that the theater we ended up at in Mankato's River Hills Mall was apparently a relic from the early 1990s. Even the town I hailed from, Austin, has a theater where five of the seven screens are equipped with theater seating and Austin is about a third the size of Mankato. Shakopee, another theater I frequented in the past two years, is a town of about 25,000 and has eleven screens all with stadium seating. It is comparable to Austin's situation being that it is not exquisite but will more than do for a night at the movies.

Mankato, as you can guess, was a shock for me. Call me spoiled but how can a theater built in the last decade or so even exist today without stadium seating. I can't remember the last time, except for Friday, when I had to crane my neck to peer around someone's bulbous, swollen head and attached near-mullet-like haircut to see Bruce Willis shoot someone in an almost comic book environment.

All in all, I will choose not to return to this sorry excuse for a theater. If I want to sit in a theater of this quality, I will return to my high school whose auditorium was both larger and better equipped to see the screen or stage.

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