Friday, April 22, 2005

Vaginal discharge

Yesterday, I recapped the story of a Winona, MN high school student who was reprimanded for wearing a button proclaiming 'I [heart] my vagina'...

The local newspaper (one of two in the city) has much better coverage than the sotry which was picked up by the AP for statewide coverage.

The quotes from the story speak better than anyone reporting on the issue could...

Junior Ian Nicholson said students wore shirts Wednesday that had the numerals
88—representing the H in Hail Hitler— to commemorate Adolf Hitler's birthday,
but he didn't know any who were reprimanded.

Other students said their
peers often wear shirts that say "Pet my pussy," "I got lucky in Kentucky" or
attire bearing Hooters or Playboy bunny logo without consequence.

just saw the word vagina and got freaked out," said Nicholson. He plans to wear
the male version, "I support your vagina," T-shirt to support Rethlefsen because
he believes the issue is one of free speech.

Again, it boils down to fairness. If students aren't being reprimanded for use of a slang word on a t-shirt (much larger than a button to those who are idiots) that says 'Pet my Pussy', why, then, is the correct word (vagina) used on a button so much more wrong than the word 'pussy' of a t-shirt?

Is the word 'vagina' so taboo that the slang version is accepted as correct and acceptable?

What sort of upside down world do we live in?

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