Friday, April 01, 2005

Throwing of the rings

As I mentioned yesterday, I awoke to drama. Today there was more drama. Apparently even me sleeping in the spare bedroom of our house isn't enough to appease the wife.

I have failed to mention that recently in our marriage there has been a significant amount of conflict between both parties involved. It has all come to reach a boiling point today.

We verbally argued at a rather loud volume once we were awake this morning until I departed for work. Words were hurled back and forth like volleyballs across a net at the olympic games. I said something to the effect of her eyeing a certain neighbor who always seems to be riding a Harley and she took of her wedding ring and proceeded to hurl it at me.

At that time I said she can go ride her damn hog (pertaining to both the bike and the guy on it) and that she better get herself one hell of a good lawyer.

I should, by all means, be more upset thatn I am but I would guess that those feelings are well on their way. I guess you could say things are rocky now at best.

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