Friday, April 01, 2005

Stopping the spread of obesity

It is defined as a crisis in America. The obesity crisis of 2005 is one analogy I have heard brought up in the news. Now, California's legislature has stepped up to the plate to control the spread of fatties in their state.

Yes, it may come off as cruel to pigeon hole a group of the population and practice third-grade-style name-calling by labeling a group as 'fatties' but when it effects costs of medical care and the cut of insurance deducted from both your paycheck and mine, the fatties must be tamed.

So, as California stepped up to bat and knock fatties out of the park, they came up with an ingenius solution. It was recently reported in the Pacific Northwest Medical Journal that the state which is home to movie stars aplenty is now offering free, state-funded vasectomies to men who are defined as obese (or as I call them, fatties).

In an effort to put an end to the rampant spread of the dreaded obesity gene, first the city of San Francisco then the entire state of California began offering vasectomies free of charge.

The program seems to be working.

Some would see this as a form of ethnic cleansing, so to speak. I see it as an effective way to stem the explosion of obesity in America. If you are genetically predisposed to a medical condition which can be spread to your offspring, wouldn't you want to take the necessary steps to keep from spreading it to your offspring? It is simply the most humane way to keep things in check.

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