Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Stick it to Stacked - it Sucks

Today I ran across a definitive history of breast enhancement. This comes as the FDA is about to begin reviewing silicone breast implants which were pulled from the market in 1992 due to ruptures, leaks and various health problems by the women these resided in.

It also comes just one day before the sure-to-tank FOX sitcom, 'Stacked', starring the chested wonder herself - Pamela Anderson. Pamela Anderson... Stacked... oh - I GET IT! The show is so ultra-weak that it must rely upon the uber-large breasts of its no-skills star to suck in a handful of male viewers who will watch anything with the chance of seeing cleavage or being able to tell that the set where this was shot suffered from a streak of cold weather. (Guys know what I am talking about). I can already picture the acting skills - I am sure they have evolved oh-so-far from the airhead-in-the-headlights look from her stint on 'V.I.P.'

Right at the top of my 'MUST-NOT-SEE LIST'. Second is FOX's 'Life on a Stick'.

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Tinker said...

i saw pam on the view last week promoting her new show. i have seen vip so i was not inspired to even check out this new one. i suspect it will be short lived