Thursday, April 21, 2005

Step away from the teat

It's a recurring story. Rising fuel prices seem to be more of a problem than grasshoppers during a drought.

I, for one, fueled up Tuesday afternoon for the rock-bottom price of $1.86 per gallon. Compare that to today when prices were at $2.17 per gallon.

That leads to the question of why the prices jumped so violently nearly overnight.

Was there an oil tanker that capsized? Not that I have heard of.

Was a huge pipeline blown up? Don't think so.

Did we lose the U.S. Territory of Iraq? Nope, e-mail from Army Guy says he is still in northern Iraq.

High global oil prices have pushed the cost of regular gasoline for U.S. motorists to around $2.21 per gallon, with prices ranging from an average of $2.64 in California to about $2 in Oklahoma, according to the auto group AAA. Prices are expected to remain above $2 nationally through the summer.

So what happened? An Associated Press survey and related story says that Americans have a wide variety of places to squarely place the blame. The one that was missing was our inability to remove the petroleum teat from America's mouth.

Tonight, after this is posted, click on over to WCCO for their related story on price hikes. Should be interesting.

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