Thursday, April 21, 2005

Small town appalled at use of the word 'vagina'

The small river town of Winona, MN is home to many things including a large state college. It is now home to one more thing, controversy.

Why? Because after Carrie Rethlefsen attended a performance of the play "The Vagina Monologues" last month, she and Emily Nixon wore buttons to school that read: "I [heart] My Vagina."

That excerpt describes why they have found themselves in hot water. That leads to my observation that this is the proper use of the word and that for far too long people have been ashamed to call their sex organs by their proper names. It is far overdue for Americans to wake up and realize that a statement like this is one coming from someone who is unafraid to use actual english to name body parts.

It could be a much worse situation for the school to be in an uproar over. Imagine the stir these pins would have caused...

'I [Heart] My Cunt'

'I[Heart] My Pussy'

'I [Heart] My Sex Hole'

The school should simply define, in their next issue of the student handbook, what type of materials worn as clothing accessories are acceptable or unacceptable and let this go with a warning. After all, when did the word 'vagina' become a fould word?

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Anonymous said...

You are completely correct. The response by the school administration is very inapproprate, not the actions of the student involved.