Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Peter Gabriel and his apparent pact with Lucipher

Some people (okay, ALOT of people) would venture not-so-far out on a limb and call me ignorant. I prefer blissfully ignorant (has much less of a negative connotation to it.)

Then it hit me. There is a musician (I use that term VERY LOOSELY) by the name of Peter Gabriel who has two, three or maybe even a handful of songs which receive too frequent (for my personal tastes) airplay on - get this now - the local ALTERNATIVE radio station.

My theories for this odd occurence range from some sort of man-crush that the music director of the station has vor Gabriel to an elaborate pact with the devil the station has made to stay on the air for over three years which involves the having to spin Peter Gabriel tunes on a semi-regular basis.

I am not going to venture a guess as to what the ACTUAL reasons for this phenomenon may by but I got curious as to who PETER GABRIEL actually is/was.

In my quest for knowledge, I did what any knowledge-hungry individual looking for the truth would do, I googled him. What follows is the useful information I gleaned from hundreds upon thousands of websites (okay, three).

Apparently, Peter Gabriel has been around musically since the late 1970's (from what I can determine from his odd website). He is probably most remembered for having the most-played video ever on MTV for his biggest hit, 'Sledgehammer'.

However, that song is not one of those which led me to write such a stinging diatribe about an artist who seems to have a rather loyal fan base.

I came across this site which has been around since 1994 in one form or another and is devoted to fans posting what Gabriel's lyrics mean to them. I guess that means that these fans would be mainly female to fawn over a balding man with such ferocious intensity. Intensity that may cause these same fans to weep uncontrollably from hearing only a few chords of one of his oh-so-powerful songs. I Imagine lighters in the air and bras flying at his concerts. Large, wire reinforced bras. Large, wire-reinforced bras with cast-iron hooks in back. The type comedian Jeff Foxworthy talks about on one of his early CDs.

So, as I dug deeper, I wanted to see what their thoughts were on the two songs which make me cringe each time I hear one of them played in semi-regular rotation on our quasi-alternative radio station in my very own Twin Cities.

'In Your Eyes'
brought about comments, amazingly, from a number of men and even brings goosebumps when heard to a member of his female fans.

But what did they say about 'Games About Frontiers'?

A song about war and conflict, huh? Interesting. Is Gabriel some sort of anti-war activist? I can only guess as to the answer of that question.

Then i got extra curious. What about the oddly titled 'Shock The Monkey'? Was it a musical crusade against the scientific testing of electricity on our chimpanzee friends? I tend to think it is. Let's find out for sure though.

Of all the answers, and yes, my take did actually appear as the FIRST response listed, this one is by far the most humorous of those I read...

Gabriel Fan

Saturday, April 08 2000
Actually, the true story behind the song is that Peter has a small wienee. He saw a doctor in England who suggested shock therapy to give him more length. The song refer to the treatments he underwent. Monkey, monk-key, don't you know, you gotta shock the monk-key, Yeeeeow! Shock the monk-key, Yeeeeow! Very moving.

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Ed Adkins said...

sacrilege, man. pure sacrilege.