Friday, April 29, 2005

Paris Hilton need to eat a plate of GO THE HELL AWAY

How in the holy hell does 'The Simple Life' get billed as ENTERTAINMENT? It is obviously staged. It is billed, too, as reality television but if I ended up with these two raging dolts (Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie) as one-day interns at my company I would make sure they actually were worked to the point that they would be in tears.

The two skin-n-bones princesses would wish that their rich parents would fly to whatever podunk town they were 'working' in and bail their skinny asses out and fly them back to L.A.

This is really effecting me today because due to the damn president spewing propaganda for an hour last night, my television watching schedule was all screwed up. Instead of watching TV from 7-8 and then doing some chores, I did chores in that time which freed up my 8-9 PM hour to watch CSI but was instead greeted by the 40th season of Survivor. I instead flipped to FOX to see if they were running 'The O.C.' an hour late but to no avail. I was instead greeted with 'The Simple Life: Interns'

Now I enjoy watching two unskilled fuck-ups screw around as much as the next guy but their schtick wore thin after the first season when drugged-up Richie splashed bleach on a small-town bar's pool table in a fit of rage over some redneck hottie in Arkansas.

"That's hot."

No, it isn't. You two SUCK.

I did, however, love how Letterman showed Hilton less mercy than regular guests. Let's face it, if she says she'll never do his show again, has Dave really lost anything?

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