Monday, April 11, 2005

Let's get cookin'

What happened over the weekend, you ask? Alright, let me tell you.

I received an early birthday gift courtesy of the missus. I had planned on buying one but just couldn't see spending the money as things are always tight, financially, during the first yea of owning a home. I got a shiny, new, CharBroil gas grill. It's modest grill that is still large enough to cook about 16-20 hamburger patties with room above for 20 or so franks. The next rack up, I suppose, is for thawing or toasting buns.

It also came with my desired side burner for heating up a kettle of baked beans, I suppose. Essentially, this handy little devil is a kitchen on wheels that will spend its weekends on our patio spewing tantalizing smells throughout the tree-lined streets and spend much of its week behind the closed doors of our garage's attached storage shed.

Since receiving and assembling this handy ole' bastard late in the day Saturday, it has cooked 3-4 pounds of chicken on Saturday night and a handful of natural casing franks yesterday before the rain came.

Mmmm, grill....

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