Thursday, April 21, 2005


I was home yesterday. I actually called in sick to work for what seems to be my one time a year when I am actually ill enough to do that.

Another thing I am sick of is 80's music. Yea, remember the eighties? Big hair. Bad music. Rock ballads. Reagan. Oliver North. Iran Contra scandal. The advent of MTV. It played well as a scholcky little gimmick on radio for a few hundred nostalgia freaks. The gimmick wore off, at least for me, after about 17 minutes.

Well, today it happened. April 21, 2005. Nearly 5 1/2 years after the gimmick began, it ended. At 9:00 AM WXPT-FM 104.1, formerly known as Mix 104, The Eighties Station/80's & More, was laid to rest.

I nearly rose from my desk and danced an Ashlee Simpson-esque jig. Still being ill and congested, I decided against that option but still grinned, from ear to ear, until my face nearly cracked. My jubilation was silent until I told a couple co-workers. One was actually depressed by the same news that nearly made me wish I wore Depends adult undergarments.

Oh, you want to know what replaced the bad hair days of 80's music on the airwaves. Look back to Tuesday's post and my speculation. Oh, how I love to speculate and dream. Pondering far flung possibilities of what could or what should be.

JACK. The began the rollout with John Mellencamp's Jack & Daine but cleverly silenced the JACK portions. There was also a cutesy little montage of movie dialogue clips that featured characters whose screen name was, you fuckin' guessed it, JACK.

It was a rather predictable rollout but I am still listening to the station. Gotta give something new and intriguing a try until I go back to something more my flavor (Drive 105).

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