Monday, April 04, 2005

Humans - the next dinosaurs

Will it be the straw the broke the proverbial camel's back?

As I left work to begin my trek home this afternoon, I came to the first stoplight on my journey and looked up at the two gas stations that flank the corner. That is precisely where I snapped. $2.35. I felt my blood boil, my neck tighten, my foot ride lighter on the accelerator.

I realized that due to the fact that those who control the oil supply have us squarely by the balls, we are fucked as a country. How much higher will prices escalate before portions of our oil-dependant economy begin to fail? How long will it be before we, as consumers, are so financially strapped that we have to choose between mobility and paying the monthly bills that provide the services which we take for granted? I am well aware that this is a rather gloomy outlook but it is a way of looking at this situation that needs to be done.

How long will it be beofre costs to provide our homes with heat and electricity, both of which are derived from petroleum. As you know, we live in a petroleum economy.

The question, in a roundabout way, is why haven't we evolved to something to fuel our daily lives other than petroleum? We have vast amount of technology at our fingertips but still depend on non-renewable fuels to provide the backbone for each and every daily task we take part in. From the time we flip on that light switch as we wake up in the morning until we flip that switch in the opposite direction as our heads hit the pillows - everything is fueled by something else. The most common fuel behind the scenes is petroleum. Natural gas heats our homes. Coal is burned to provide our electricity. Oil is refined to provide the gas we burn in our engines.

What will happen when it becomes too expensive for the average person to afford? Wars? Conflicts? Crime? Theft?

This emerging crisis isn't making front page news either. Instead, we are a nation with our eyes fixated on whatever is fed to us. The death of a woman who had been brain dead for fifteen years. The child molestation tril of a former pop music star. The supposed pregnancy of a former teen starlet turned trailer part skank.

Anything to avert the nation's minds from something that actually effects our daily lives.

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