Thursday, April 28, 2005

GASP... Shocking Idol expose...

I saw the ad while watching some television last night. A hard-hitting expose on ABC's 'Primetime Live' about FOX's 'American Idol'.

I can almost see the hour-long special riddled with such shockers as...

...Idol judges play favorites among contestants

...Idol contestants offered help for sexual favors with judges

...Phone-in results falsified to build ratings

Spare me. When did I sleep too long and this become news? Yea, I watched last nights 'Idol' results show but only because Mary likes the show. I'll admit too that it's easy to get quickly wrapped up in the artificial hype about the show but I thank God every week that it's only one for one season per year. Frankly, even that's too much Idol.

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