Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A conservative pope elected, nations shocked

Yesterday, the Catholic church elected a new pope. His name as a Cardinal was Joseph Ratzinger and as a pope is known as Benedict XVI. He hails from Germany and, in a nutshell, is far more backwards thinking and conservative than his predecessor, Pope John Paul II. It is only a matter of time before catholic women are forced to wear black robes with only narrow slits to see through.

It is a popular topic of conversation on some dark streetcorners of the web today. One writer offered up the opinion that this was to be expected... a conservative religion appointing a conservative leader. Nothing less, realistically speaking, was to be expected.

Another blogger offered up the headline 'Back to the Dark Ages'. Going as far as to uncover that this pope feels that communion should be deinied to those who side with the right to choose camp and that being gay is a moral evil. Dark Ages, indeed.

And, what the hell... while we are talking about Germany, why not talk about the Bush family's ties to Nazi Germany? The whole story reads like a crime family's rap sheet. The only thing missing is the $50,000 Award - Dead or Alive posters hanging on the swinging doors of your local tumbleweed beaten saloon.

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