Monday, April 18, 2005

Bush gets back on his high horse

Bush is back to telling Americans what they can and can't see on their own TVs. The reality to this is that in a free society, the people themselves would be able to dictate what they view while lounging on their Chinese-made sofa watching their Chinese-made TV manufactured by a Japanese-owned company.

His proposal is to increase the dollar amount of fines. That has really seemed to slow the spread of TV that is deemed 'lewd'. I seem to remember 5-6 years ago when Comedy Central's South Park broke the mold and aired an episode which contained the word 'shit' over 100 times. That's called pushing the envelope. People were forewarned and it contained the standard little ratings logo at the beginning to warn viewers.

Has America become such a brain-dead country that we are unable to make a choice to watch or not to watch something? Are we so sloth-like that we need a man resembling a monkey to make our choices for us? And since when do our cable cannels fall under decency regulations?

If that was the case, it could stop the spread of shows like this. Even though it's not on cable, I would call it 'lewd'.

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