Thursday, March 24, 2005

Work makes me cranky today

What a day. First off I departed for the office about 10 minute later than I aim to. Secondly, it is simply a dreary day, the type with thick overcast clouds that produce nothing at all in the way of precipitation but they do produce sour moods.

Work was another story. Once there, it drug on for what seemed like years. Then by 11 AM it became a nonstop avalanche of crap. The kind you need hip waders and a strong shover and a name-brand respirator to survive when surrounded by. That's right, an avalanche of CRAP. Changes, phone calls, corrections, bad news, annoyances. Maybe i am cranky and need a nap. There's always tomorrow to change my mood. It is, after Friday and Easter weekend. That means turkey AND ham on Sunday - served right here in our house.

Wish us luck in hosting our first holiday get-together. It should prove to be interesting.

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