Tuesday, March 15, 2005

War on terror, DEAD

All I can say is HA-HA.

U.S., Pakistan admit bin Laden trail is cold

So, Georgie boy, how's your war on terror NOW?

If, in fact, you actually intended to go after the man responsible for the 9/11 attacks in the first place, my question has at least some validity.

Instead of finding an elusive terrorist 'mastermind' (The plan is simple, board plane, kill pilots, crash plane into building //general middle-eastern accent off.) you instead have spent BILLIONS of dollars to find a man hiding in a dirt hole and 'liberate' a country which apparently has a significant amount of citizens who want no part of this 'liberation'.

In a case of the blind leading the blind, the blind are in the lead here.

In yet more war-mongering news, my good buddy, Army Guy sent an e-mail today in which he stated that he is signing away six more years of his life to Uncle Sam. Those were his words, not mine, although I agree that is six wasted years. Unlike a civilian job, you can't simply turn in a two week's notice and collect some unemployment. They own your life and will have no remorse at putting your body in harm's way for reasons that aren't what they seem to the naked and uneducated eye.

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