Saturday, March 19, 2005


The snow has ended and that means that snowbilers have one last shot at burning some $2.19/gallon gas in their sleds.

We missed the brunt of things, only receiving 8-9 inches. My parents, though, who live only 10 miles from the Iowa border are socked in with 18-22 inches. My dad, who runs the township's snowplow, was on the road fighting a futile battle against the flakes for upwards of 10 hours. I don't know quite how he distinguishes between the road and the ditch when everything is white but somehow he keeps the rig on the road - for the most part.

Due to that, though, the early Easter celebration for Sunday scheduled for my parent's house in the deep south of Minnesota was cancelled. My mom seemed to doubt their ability to clear out enough space for cars to park by Sunday morning and the roads, as I hear, are still in pretty rough shape as close as 30 miles from where I live so i can imagine what 20 or so inches of snow has done to the southern Minnesotans.

But life goes on, today we journey back to the Twin Cities for the first time really since moving away from there (albeit only 30 minutes away) for some shopping for the holidays and an eye appointment/checkup/exam for myself.

Keep on keeping n and enjoy the basketball tournament weekend.

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