Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Secrets, lies, untruths and more damn lies

America. It's supposedly the greatest democracy on the planet (let's face it, that statement is BULLSHIT). That may have been true a couple decades back, maybe even only one, but after the attacks on our country on September 11, 2001 and the past two presidential elections - 2000 and 2004, it is becoming painfully obvious that our country is on a rapid hill downward.

One by one, citizen's freedoms are being stripped away. There was a time less than a decade ago when protesters at political conventions and rallies were allowed to be actually seen. Now, if they are allowed in at all, they are literally caged in a secluded area not publicly visible - this is supposedly to avoid terrorist activities or some bullshit like that. Deep inside, we all know it is just another form of opression of free speech and non-violent protest. Numerous tales exist of political activists who were forcibly removed from political rallies during this past campaign season - even with the proper credentials. Some have even been blacklisted, removed before even entering the premises.

It leads to more questions, though. As our current semi-military state continues to invade each and every facet of private individuals' privacy, those in charge continually become more secretive. Why? Has our country truly become so paranoid that information which was once, not more than five years ago, public information now deemed so ultra-sensitive that you have to be 'in the loop' to view it?

It makes one wonder just how many taxpayer-funded secrets the government is hiding. I know that in any business, they must disclose to their investors just what is happening. After all, with our so-called democratic government, the citizens of America pay the bills in the form of taxes. There was a time when taxes were used for items publicly seen but now much of the spending is disguised as $600 toilet seats, inflating prices of actual purchases to divert the money to these top-secret projects.

As taxpayers, we deserve to know just what our taxes are being spent on. Rather than borrow trillions of dollars to fund social security while private accounts are rolled out (which is dead in the water), why not disclose and thusly trim and eliminate such secret projects. Either that or share the comforts of that damned $600 toilet seat. That must be one cushy son of a bitch to relax on while wiling away the time in your jewel encrusted powder room.

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